Mission SammyOne

Forecasting the Trajectory



I live in a small, crowded country with lots of people and water. My goal was:

  1. Do not land in the water

  2. Do not land in a crowded city

  3. Land in the quiet north eastern path of the country

My parents live in the north eastern part of the Netherlands, close to the German border. It would be ideal if SammyOne would land in their garden. So that is what I aimed for!

I came across this website.

Using this website you can forecast the trajectory while taking into account ascent rate and descent rate.

With the current weather at that time I calculated where I had to launch if I wanted the balloon to land in my parent's garden. I went to search for a suitable launch spot a day before launch, and I found one!

The location has lots of free space downwind and trees upwind to protect the balloon a bit during filling. Launch time would be early in the morning when the wind was calm.

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Forecasting the Trajectory

The launch location