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The Balloon



I found out that there are only a couple of companies which make sounding balloons. I found them in Japan, India and China. There are resellers but hard to find and not many. Most of the balloon projects I read about on the web bought their balloons at a company called Kaymont in the USA. They have a wide range of balloons.

After reading Kaymont's website over and over again, I settled on the KCI 1200 sounding balloon. This latex balloon, made by the Japanese Totex company, would be able to send a 1 kg payload to over 100,000 feet. Exactly what I needed. So I wrote to Kaymont twice but never got a response. So much for a good start.

I found another company, ScientificSales.com, who could sell me a balloon but their prices were much higher than I read on the internet and they would charge me $100 to ship to the Netherlands. I found a Chinese company but then I had to buy 30 balloons at once.

Finally I contacted Robert Harrison in the UK. I read about him on the web. He is very experienced with sounding balloons and he gave me a UK address from a company that could sell me a KCI-1200. So I contacted Steve Randall from Randomsolutions.co.uk and he immediately sent me two KCI-1200 balloons which I got within three days. Good service!

So, now I have two balloons in two little carton boxes. Waiting for launch. I also bought a box of Latex gloves, as you should not handle the balloon without gloves. I did not quite understand the reason but those gloves are not expensive and look kind of cool :-)

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The Balloon

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