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The Capsule aka Payload



This is were my DIY skills would come into play. Sadly, I am as clumsy as can be. All DIY work at home is done by my wife. So...this was a challenge. The payload container, or more sexy also known as, the capsule must be well isolated and extremely light. But also tough enough to withstand the impact on landing. And it might as well float, even if it is full with water. It should have holes for the camera's and attachment points for the ropes.

I read that not all glue is suitable for extreme low temperatures but that hot glue usually does the job. Standard grade silicon kit is also very suitable as it does it's job down to at least minus 40 degrees Celsius.

So I headed out to our local DIY store. I bought:

  1. sheets of 5cm thick isolation foam

  2. a Pattex hot glue pistol with spare glue

  3. silicon kit

  4. Pattex tape (like Duct tape)

  5. a carton cutter

My design would be to create a foam box with a 25cmx25cmx25cm interior, glue it together with hot glue, seal it with silicon kit and wrap it completely in duct tape for strength.

This whole process took me the better part of a day. I had to do it outside as the foam sheets left a spray of little foam balls when I cut it. The hot glue worked really well as it melts the foam a bit and creates a very good fix. After I finished, I proudly put the box on a scale only to find out that it weighed over 700gr! What? Huh? Way too heavy! I had to start over and now made it half as big, and decided to apply the tape later and only were necessary. Again, a day later I weighed it and.... less than 300gr. Now we are in business!

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The Capsule aka Payload Container

Me, creating the first container which was way too big and heavy

The final container, just before launch