Mission SammyOne

The Final Test



I wanted to do a final test of all things together and see if it all would work. I used 3mm nylon rope to hang the capsule from my balcony and turned everything on. It worked flawlessly for more than 4 hours. When I opened the box, it was quite hot in there. The equipment generated heat and the isolation was so good that the temperature was close to overheating.  I was pretty sure that I did not need any additional heating like chemical heaters or hand warmers.

One point I noticed is that the position of the cameras is important. A little bit to the right or left and the lens would face the big walls of the capsule. I redesigned the interior a bit to make the fit of the camera's tighter.

I created little foam blocks to hold all the equipment in the right place. This would make it possible for me to assemble and disassemble all the pieces of the capsule very easily so I could do some more test runs. When the balloon flies I would tape all the blocks together to give everything extra strength and isolation.

The box was also a bit out of balance with the photocam pointing a bit downward and the videocam a bit upward. But I figured that that would not be a problem as the capsule would swing on the wind anyway.

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The Final Test

Carefully tweaking the valve of the cylinder to fill the balloon

Test in the backyard