Mission SammyOne

The Goals and Stuff Needed



These are the goals I want to achieve:

  1. Send up a balloon with a video and a photo cam to 100,000 feet

  2. Take high quality photo and video material

  3. Record temperature and air pressure during the flight

  4. Retrieve the cams after the flight

  5. Enjoy the pictures and video

  6. Publish the pics and video on my site

At the last moment I decided that I wanted to record some environmental parameters like temperature and air pressure. I would then be able to see at what temperature and altitude my pictures were taken. At least, that is what I hope.

The construction of the balloon would be, top down:

  1. the balloon

  2. 4 meters of rope

  3. a parachute tied to the rope with a loop on it's apex

  4. the shrouding lines

  5. the capsule

What would I need?

At high altitudes the temperature can be as low as -55C (-67F). There is almost no air. It's a harsh climate up there. So all the equipment I would use should be able to withstand that climate.

  1. 1.Balloon

  2. 2.Parachute and Payload container

  3. 3.Rope, glue, Duct tape, batteries, tools and band-aid

  4. 4.Digital hires photocam

  5. 5.Digital HD video cam

  6. 6.Tracking device

  7. 7.Backup tracking device

  8. 8.Datalogger for environmental data like temperature, air pressure and humidity

  9. 9.Software for predicting the balloon trajectory

  10. 10.Helium and filling mechanism

  11. 11.Search and recover team

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The Goals

My first purchases for the project