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The Video Camera



In theory I could program the IXUS to capture both photos and video. The IXUS is capable of taking HD video and I could set the camera to take 10 pictures and then a 30 second video. However I did not want to rely on only one camera  and I wanted to capture the whole flight. So I needed a light HD camera which could hold 3 hours of HD video.

With YouTube and other video services being so hot, there are many small portable cameras for sale. I choose the Kodak Zi6, mainly for it's better than average reviews, it's interchangeable SD card and the fact that it runs on AA batteries so I could easily replace the batteries with Lithium ones. I bough a pink one for only EUR 79, brand new. It weighs 140gr.

Again, up to the test bench. It turned out that an 8GB SDHC card could only hold 1h40m of HD video. Bummer. The batteries lasted only one hour. Way too short! I replaced the SD card with a 16Gb one and the AA batteries with Energizer Lithium ones. Lithium batteries will work in extreme cold situation and will last a lot longer.

I mounted the Zi6 video cam on a tripod and let it run. The SD card could hold more than 4 hours of HD video and the new batteries had no problem at all with this. Test passed!

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The Video Camera

Just before entering the jet stream.